- DAAD Preis

- the Graduiertenstipendium of the state of Thuringia (two times)

- the Studienabschlussförderung of the Franz Liszt Institution

- the prize of the competition “KlĂ€nge Hinter Mauern” with a commission
  to compose for the musicians of the Kammerakademie Potsdam

- one of the finalists of the international composition competition CittĂ  di   Udine.

- Second prize in the composition competition Harmonia Classica in Vienna

- Finalist of the Valentino Bucchi Composition Award in Rome with the Rome

- First prize in the composition competition of Sondershausen, with a
  commission to compose for the Loh Orchestra and a residency of three months.

Gesellschaft der Freunde und Förderer Franz Liszt scholarship

One of the winners of the Call for scores for the SPCCF (Sao Paulo Contemporary Music Festival)

Composer in Residence with a scholarship in the KĂŒnstlerhof Schreyahn Niedersachsen