List still at work



    Kammeroper in 2 Acts – 2014 - 35 Minutes – Soprano, Mezzosoprano, Tenor, Baritone, fl, cl, hn, tpt, timp, perc, pno, acc, strings – November 2014/Weimar, Orchestra of the University of Music Franz Liszt.

    After the “musical dialog Lucie”, I had the idea to extend the composition and the story of the girl named Rawan wo was sold in age of 8 to be the wife of a 50 years older man. The extension of this musical dialog is the chamber opera “Lucie”. This is about the practical of forced marriage in the 21st century. Unfortunately, still a reality…

Die Marmorpuppe

    Opera in 3 Acts – 2015 – 80 Minutes – Soprano, 3 Mezzo, Tenor, 2 Bar, Bass, Choir SATB, 2fl, 2ob, 2cl, 2Bn, 4Hn, 2tpt, 2tbn, tb, timp, 2perc, pno, hp, harpsich, acc, strings - January 2016/Weimar, Orchestra of the University of Music Franz Liszt.

    A lonely boy named Sebastian finds a porcelain doll in his basement. After he finds out, that the doll speaks and asks for a girl named Lilly, they leave together the house and start a search for her. Sebastian finds out that between him and the doll there are more connections that they think. It leads then to a garden of freedom with wonderful sleeping marble dolls with angel’s faces…

Die schönere Wahrheit

    Opera in 3 Acts (Libretto by Lisa Astrid Mayer) – 2016 – 95 Minutes – 2 Soprano, Mezzo, Tenor, 2 Baritone, 2fl, 2cl, bn, 2hn, tpt, tbn, tb, timp, 2perc, pno, acc, strings - November 2016/ Landestheater Rudolstadt, Symphonic Orchestra of Thüringia. Complete first performance: February 2017/ Weimar, Orchestra of the University of Music Franz Liszt. February 2017/Weimar, Orchestra of the University of Music Franz Liszt.

    This opera was my first experiment with spectral techniques. And also, the first one which libretto wasn’t written by me. It is about a dystopia of a society which the government is totalitarian, populistic and racist. A skeptical one starts to question this regime and muss suffer the consequences of it.

Global Players

    Entertainment Opera in 1 Act (Libretto by Lisa Astrid Mayer) – 2017 – 70 Minutes – 2 Soprano, Mezzo, Tenor, Baritone, Actor, Vocal Quartett (SATB), 2fl, ob, cl, bn, hn, 2tpt, tbn, tb, timp, 2perc, pno, strings – 19th October 2018/Weimar, Camerata Temporalis.

    In a not so far future, a reality show in another planet with prominent participants begins. Who wins the show, wins the planet. The owner of a big concern wants to participate. Maybe he creates his own talk show later. Maybe he would run for president of his country after that. Who knows…

Die Wahrheitsschwestern

    Tragedy in 3 Acts (Libretto by Amanda Lasker-Berlin) – 2019 – 100 Minutes – 2 Soprano, Mezzo, Choir (SAB), 2fl, 2cl, bn, hn, tpt, tbn, tb, timp, perc, pno/cel, strings – 25th October 2019/Weimar, Camerata Temporalis.

    For a specifical expression of this drama I developed a half partial tonal system. The three sisters are professional in manipulate media and images for concerns and governments. What they don’t expect is that the unconcrete reality they create, starts to eat their souls and conscience slowly away.

Solo works

Gudrun und die Dunkle Fee

    For accordion solo – 2017 – 7 minutes – 27th October 2017/Potsdam (Festival Intersonanzen), Neza Torkar

    A dialog between two persons inside one.


    For viola solo – 2018 – 6 minutes – 2nd June 2018 Potsdam (Intersonanzen Festival), Ralph Günthner.

    This work is one of my studies about the personality of one of the “Wahrheitsschwestern”, which is the theme of my new opera.


    For clarinet solo – 2017 – 7 minutes

    A tonal effectual study of the virtuosity in a Bb clarinet. Full of moves it should be played with no caesuras from the beginning until the end.

Räjmend und der Polterpeter

    For piano solo – 2018 – 4 minutes

    What if your loud neighbor buys a dog? What if the pet calls Raimond but your neighbor is not able to pronounce it? This piece should be played with most disturbing feeling as possible. Fortissimi cannot be fortissimo enough.

Chamber works

Der Häftling

    For renaissance flute consort and Singer – 2019 – 5 minutes – soprano, 8 renaissance flutes – 19th April 2019/Weimar, IFAM Ensemble (Institut für Alte Musik).

    The Häftling is a commission from the Early Music Institute of the University of Music in Weimar. The music is a melodical experiment with renaissance instruments. The sound colors of this early instruments allow a dramatical musical picture, which is ideal for the work with the poetry of Karl Schnog about his life experience in the concentration camp of Buchenwald.

Düstere Fantasien

    for sax and harp – 2018 – 6 minutes – a sax, hp

    A melodical travel through your inmost darkest feelings


    for mixed quartet – 2018 – 7 minutes – fl, perc, pno, vc – 21st December/Cologne, Ensemble Hand Werk.

    In this exciting commission from the ensemble hand werk from Cologne I should write about the architecture stile “Brutalismus” which main characteristic are the raw walls and the square forms. “Klotz” is brutal, raw and with a linear harmonic complexity from the first until the last tone.


    Musikalischer Dialog in einem Akt für Sopran, Alt und Ensemble – 2014 – 11 minutes – Soprano, Alt, fl, cl, hn, tpt, timp, perc, acc, strings - June 2015/ Gotha, Philharmonic Orchestra of Thuringia

    This work tells the story of a dialog between a village girl and the ghost of a murdered child in Berlin. After this chamber work, which I call “musical dialog”, I composed the opera “Lucie”. 2013 dies an 8-year-old girl named Rawan in a small village in Yemen.

    Tortured by confused fragments of her remembrance, she still doesn’t know that she is dead. In the fog is a ghost without face waiting for her.

Private Cam

    For two handed piano – 2018 – 6 minutes – pno/2players – 18th November 2018/Berlin (Berliner Pyramidale), Sawami Kiyoshi and Antonis Anissegos.

    Private Cam is based in a theme from my fourth opera “Global Players”. This theme variates and plays with the privacy of the pianists.

Peter und der Poltergeist

    For mixed ensemble – 2018 – 7 minutes – fl, cl, pno, acc, vl, vc – 12nd October 2018/Seoul (Pan Music Festival), LJNM Thuringia

    This piece is about sleeping (or not sleeping), living (or getting furious) in a house with a neighbor named Peter. Living or getting disturbed? That’s the question.


    For percussion solo and mixed ensemble – 2017 – 8 minutes – 2fl, 2cl, 2perc, pno, acc, 2vl, 2vc – 16th February 2018/Trier (Opening18 Festival), Ensemble der Länder.

    Partialtango is an experiment with a new tonal system, which is based on the partial tone system. Every second partial tone is extracted and builds after the last one. It forms a scale of two octaves and seven tones. The high tonal jumps in this scale allows a music with a strong “moving” character.


    For mixed quartet – 2017 – 8 minutes – fl, cl, vl, vc – 19th July 2017/Città di Castello (Il Suono Festival), Ensemble Via Nova.

    In this piece I tried to play with abstract forms with no theme and no “cantus firmus”. No main voice should be recognized. Every phrase gets after one or two seconds the new color of a new instrument and structure. There is no bridge between slow and fast. The perception of the listeners is in “Passaggio” always in delay.

Pop – U – Listen (Collision)

    For duo – 2017 – 6 minutes – acc, vc – 3rd August 2017/Erfurt, Ensemble Via Nova.

    In a world of two populists is a collision imminent…


    For mixed quintet – 2018 – 8 minutes – fl, ob, cl, pno, vc – 19th July 2018/Weimar, Ensemble Recherche.

    Pluralis is a sequence of my piece “Singularis”. This piece works with the question of the plurality, in which the mathematical solutions lead to a numerical augmentation (for example multiverses, multidimensions, many stringtheorie models) and suggests an uncertainty of unities with an augmentation of the singularities. (for example, 1 ≈ 1,00000001).


    For mixed quartet – 2018 – 7 minutes – fl, cl, vl, vc – 11th November 2018/Berlin (Klangwerkstatt Festival), Ensemble Junge Musik.

    This piece works with the question of the plurality, in which the mathematical solutions lead to a numerical augmentation (for example multiverses, multidimensions, many stringtheorie models) and suggests an uncertainty of unities with an augmentation of the singularities. (for example, 1 ≈ 1,00000001). The existence doesn’t consist of units but of blurred boundaries. (for example, the colors spectrum)

Tripple Collision

    For trio – 2017 – 6 minutes – fl, acc, vc – 13th October 2017/Sondershausen, Ensemble Via Nova.

    In a world of three populists is a collision imminent…

Vocal works

Solo il Sole

    For duet – 2017 – 5 minutes – soprano, baritone – 30th September 2017/Basel, Christina Simolka and René Wohlhauser.

    How many melodic and rhythmic expressions are necessary to say “g”? This question I tried to answer with two singers a capella.


    For vocal ensemble a capella – 2018 - 10 minutes – 3 soprano, 3 mezzo, 3 tenor, 2 baritones, bass – 6th April 2018/Weimar, Phonix16.

    The bureaucracy has no end. The bureaucracy loves every second of your life. The bureaucracy is the air you breathe. The bureaucracy is art. The bureaucracy is the music of your everyday life…


    For mixed choir – 2018 – 6 minutes – choir (SATB), pno – June 2019/Weimar, Kammerchor der HfM Weimar.

    After researching and composing about the begin of the universe in the natural sciences and in mathematics, for example in the piece “Deuteron”, I wanted to find an expression of the same thing in the mythology. Ovidius Publius Naso (Ovid) has written “Metamorphoseon Libri” about the creation of the cosmos. This I turned into music in Kosmogonie.


    For mixed choir – 2018 – 5 minutes – choir (SATB), pno – 5th July 2018/Weimar, University Choir Weimar.

    A travel through the texts of Metamorphoseon Libri written by Ovid in original language.


Ein Schuss Grand Marnier

    For strings quartet – 2017 – 10 minutes – strings quartet

    The background music of the short film “Ein Schuss Grand Marnier”.

Glumov’s Diary

    For mixed septet – 2018 – 5 minutes - fl, cl, bn, hn, tpt, tbn, perc – 25th August 2018/Antwerp, Ensemble I Solisti.

    The silent movie “Glumov’s Diary” filmed in Russia at 1923 is a political and exciting, almost futurological criticism of the aristocracies of Europe. This is a background music for the film, in which I tried to tell the abstract ambivalent story of Glumov.

Orchestra works

Nemesis Requiem

    For string orchestra – 2017 – 9 minutes – string orchestra – October 2017/Gotha, Philharmonic Orchestra of Thuringia.

    Nemesis Requiem describes the drama of the mankind under the Nemesis sun. The tension in this piece is an eternal lament about the end of our existence.


    For chamber orchestra – 2018 – 8 minutes – 2fl, ob, 2cl, a-sax, pno, acc, 6vl, 2vla, 4vc, db – 22nd June 2018/Daegu South Korea, DCMF Chamber Orchestra.

    Deuteron was a commissioned work for the Daegu Contemporary Music Festival.

    It describes the evanescence of the first deuterium atom in universe, from the big-bang until the last consequences of the heavy hydrogen atom: the atomic fusion.


    For violin and orchestra – 2019 – 30 minutes - 2fl, 2cl, bn, hn, tpt, tbn, tb, timp, perc, pno/cel, strings – 25th January 2019/Gotha, Philharmonic Orchestra of Thuringia.

    My first violin concerto for violin and orchestra is a study about the three characters of my opera “Die Wahrheitsschwestern”. Each movement is one of the three sisters: Etta, Meta and Verita.


    for symphonic orchestra – 2018 – 8 minutes – 2fl, 2ob, 2cl, 2bn, 4hn, 2tpt, 3tbn, tb, timp, 2perc, hp, strings.

    This piece works with the symbiosis between different thematical and rhythmic patterns, which were built up in a double partial tonal-system. It should be performed with a constant explosive dramatic power from the first note until the last, without losing the tension.